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Ny nordisk undersökning: hur skapar vi hållbara avtal för filmmusiken?

Som en del av årets Nordic Film Music Days 2021 har Skap, tillsammans med våra nordiska systerorganisationer genomfört en undersökning – den första av sitt slag – med de nordiska film- och mediekompositörerna, för att ta reda på hur utbredd den ”nya praxisen” att ta över kompositörernas rättigheter är. Tyvärr är det häpnadsväckande siffror.

Läs mer nedan och anmäl dig till seminariet tisdag 16 februari då undersökningen presenteras och lösningar diskuteras.


50% of Nordic film and media composers in recent Nordic survey have been pushed to transfer part of their copyright in order for the production company to re-direct part of copyright revenue back to its company.

33% of the Nordic film and media composers lost the job, when turning down “the offer” from the production company.

As part of this years Nordic Film Music Days 2021 the Nordic composer organizations have carried out a, first of its kind, survey with the Nordic film and media composers.
The reason for the survey is the rapidly changing Nordic market norms. Traditionally, Nordic authors and creators kept their authors rights, being remunerated with a regularly portioned copyright throughout a career. This flow of revenues are now being cut off from the creators of music to the benefit of a company profit, draining the creative value-chain to the detriment of a sustainable value-chain.

With the increase of global digital platforms, the authors but also writers and directors are among those having to waive their rights for a lump sum payment.

The Nordic survey will show you to what extent, while digging deeper into the mechanism and the negative effects of buy-out practices.

Tuesday February 16nd from 5-7 PM we will reveal more information in the online seminar.

President of ECSA and the president of Skap, Alfons Karabuda will present the survey and Adrian Strain and Cristina Perpina Robert Navarro will tell about the coming awareness campaign from CISAC.  

And we will point forward towards more sustainable contract that benefits both parties.

This year the NFMD program will include screenings of the nominated films, a panel conversation with the HARPA nominees, an insightful workshop on how to use existing platforms & programs such as Berlinale Talents, SoundTrack_Cologne, SoundTrack_Zurich & various European artist platforms, an overview on promotional materials for composers, the already mentioned important seminar on creating sustainable contracts, a  panel on creativity, collaboration & working together and breakout rooms for composers & director meetings. To round up the program NFMD will celebrate the 2021 HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award with a ceremony bringing the Film Music community together.

All events are free of charge and open to the public.

See full program here

• An annual event during Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival
• Communicating & presenting the quality of Nordic film and media-music
• Strengthening artistic and musical interaction between the Nordic countries and beyond
• Increasing Nordic film composers’ access to the European markets
• Strengthening the Nordic film position in EU

Nordic Film Music Days is supported by Nordisk Film og TV Fond and by Nordic Council of Ministers by the Nordische Botschaften in Berlin.